Thank you for taking the time to find out more about us! Snips and Pieces has been created as an open repository for useful code snippets. We aim to add more languages and tutorials as we grow, so please do follow our social channels and come back and see us soon.

How does the site work?

We aim to provide two levels of support – code

Our values


There is no charge for using any aspect of Snips and Pieces. The code examples you see can be copied and adapted for your own projects too.


We aim to avoid technical jargon in our explanations so that we can include all learners at whatever stage they are at in their coding journey.


We try very hard to ensure that this website is accessible to all of our visitors. We have a dedicated page with information on how we have built this site to provide the best possible experience for users who need to make changes to certain aspects and navigate using assistive technology.


It is really important to us that users know if a site is collecting information about their visit and also what happens to this data. We have made our privacy policy as simple as possible to understand.