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Improving our website

Google Analytics sets cookies to give us an idea of the number of visitors we have. These figures also show us which resources are being used by website visitors and which are not so popular. This knowledge helps us greatly in developing useful content for our users in the future. Here are the cookies Google Analytics uses, along with what they do and how long they will stay in your browser for. Remember you can always delete cookies yourself at any time, please see this link for more information.

Name Description Expires
_utma Used by Google Analytics to identify users anonymously, to record new visitors and repeat views. 2 years
_utmb Used by Google Analytics to establish a session. 30 minutes
_utmc Used by Google Analytics to establish a session. When you close your browser
_utmz Used by Google Analytics to record information about how visitors arrive at the page, helping us to see how you found the site, and how effective the navigation is. 6 months

You can find out more about cookies and Google Analytics on the  Google website.


There is no advertising on this website. Therefore you can be sure that you will not see targeted adverts, which often track individuals activity across the websites they visit. We do not allow such third-party adverts on our site. In addition to this we do not pay for advertising to reach individuals on other websites or social media platforms.

Personal Data

We do not collect personal data from our website users, other than data associated with Google Analytics tools mentioned above. There is no option to provide us with any personal data by creating an account or logging in to our website, as these functions do not exist.

When a visitor to our website submits the contact form to leave a comment or ask a question, this data is collected securely and confidentially. We only use personal information to provide services, or for lawful, disclosed purposes. If we do collect data from you in this way, we will always tell you what it is being used for and if it will be shared with third parties. We always process personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Please note that this privacy statement only applies to this website – not to websites we provide links to.