How to save a file as a PDF document


What is a PDF anyway and why would I want to turn my document into one? We look at PDF documents all the time. This is because we regularly receive them in email attachments and open them when browsing online.  PDF simply stands for Portable Document Format and we are going to learn how to save a file as a PDF document ourselves.

Time needed:

5 minutes

PDF files are very useful as they keep the page layout exactly as you have designed it, so the content looks the same on all screens. They are also difficult to edit. These features are helpful when sharing documents with others as your hard work will not jump around the page when you send the file via email or upload it online.

Here’s how

The step-by-step instructions differ slightly depending on whether you are using a Windows device or an Apple Mac. Simply click on the tab below in order to display the instructions that are relevant to you.

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