Computer Basics

How to take a screenshot

Introduction Knowing how to take a screenshot can be very useful when you want to communicate exactly what you are seeing to someone else. It also enables you to save images for future reference. For example, when you’ve made a big purchase online you could take a screenshot of the order confirmation page. When you […]

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How to save a file as a PDF document

Introduction What is a PDF anyway and why would I want to turn my document into one? We look at PDF documents all the time. This is because we regularly receive them in email attachments and open them when browsing online.  PDF simply stands for Portable Document Format and we are going to learn how […]

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How to compress files

Introduction Have you ever needed to send pictures, videos or other large files by email or upload them to a website? We are frequently asked to do this by friends, colleagues or organisations. A collection of files, particularly pictures will be large in size, so you may find that they fail to send. This can […]

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